Frequently Asked Questions


What commissions are paid? Commissions are paid on a per sale basis.

What is the minimum amount to earn before a payout? $25 is the minimum commission balance prior to payout.

How soon is my first check sent? In order to allow for the return period to pass so that necessary refunds can be issued, this program has a 60-day lag time. Commissions will be paid 60 days from the last day of the month in which the sale occurred.

Does the merchant withhold income taxes? No. You are an independent contractor and as such are responsible for filing on your taxable income.
All affiliates, who are not corporations, must provide us a Social Security number. If you earn more than $600 during a calendar year, we will issue you a 1099 form.

How often are checks sent? All accounts totaling $25 or more are paid 35 days after the month in which the sale(s) occurred.

What happens when a product is returned to has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If a return occurs, the commission that was generated from this sale will be reversed.

What is the total amount on which my commission is paid? Your commission is paid on the sub-total of the order. The commissionable amount does not include shipping charges or sales tax.

Will I be paid commission on purchases that I make? Yes. We encourage you to purchase your personal fitness equipment You’ll earn your regular commission on all purchases made.


What type of tracking system does this program use? We use a private label solution developed for This system has been extensively tested for reliability and accuracy.

How are visitors tracked? Visitors arriving from your site will have a cookie placed on their computer that IDs them as having come from your site.

How long are cookies set for? Cookies are set for a period of 6 months.
A new cookie is placed EACH time a visitor arrives on our site from an affiliate site.

How soon after a sale or click will I be able to see the new stats show up? All reporting is done in real time. Clicks and sales will be immediately viewable from your login screen within the affiliate service center.

What information is presented in the tracking area? Commission amount
Invoice number

Advertisements and Banners:

What types of links are available? This affiliate program supports and offers both text-based links as well as a variety of professionally designed banners.

How often are text links and banners updated? Banners and links are updated frequently-each time a new banner or link is added you will receive an update e-mail from the affiliate management team.

Can I modify text links or banners? No. In order to maintain a consistent presentation that matches the guidelines that we have set forth, we require that banners and text not be modified without the affiliate manager's prior approval.

Which type of link produces a higher click through rate-banner or text? Effectiveness of banners and links will be mentioned in frequent newsletter updates sent to our network of affiliates.

Are announcements sent when new links or specials are made available? Yes. We send out brief announcements when new opportunities are made available.

Can I open the merchant site in a new browser window? Yes. You may open the site to a new non-crippled window.
No frames.

How do I get new banners? After you have created your affiliate account and been accepted into the program you can log in at the affiliate service center to review and retrieve new banners.
All graphic files are hosted on our servers. You simply copy and paste html code from the affiliate service center. The code will already contain your unique affiliate ID.

How do I make suggestions for new banner or ad copy? We encourage you to give us feedback on new banners and/or text links that would help you be more effective. Please follow this link to send a suggestion to the affiliate manager.